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Les Canards 'Cancan'!

Did you know that ducks 'Cancan'?! 

In this step by step tutorial with line and watercolour you'll create a lively sketch of these dancing ducks.

From initial layout to understanding more about bone structure, this is a great way of learning how to simplify a subject.

We will layer watercolour loosely and gradually in a series of simple lessons so you can work at your own pace.

Recommended materials

  • Sketchbook with paper suitable for watercolour (300gsm)
  • A pencil (eraser optional)
  • Watercolour pencils (optional) 
  • A basic set of watercolour paints 
  • Fine and medium round watercolour brushes 
  • A water pot
  • Tissues or a rag
  • White gouache/acrylic paint or gel pen (optional)

I am using a basic travel watercolour set with the Cotman colours below (but you do not need these exact colours to do the tutorial)  

I am also using a basic set of watercolour pencils as below

Workshop price: 15€

4 Modules

A Quick Introduction

A very quick overview of the materials I'm using in this workshop

Meet Les Canards

A series of short lessons to sketch the initial outlines of our 'dancing ducks' (approximately 12 minutes)

Watercolour pencils

A short timelapse demo with watercolour pencils instead of watercolour paint (less than 3 minutes)

Modules for this product 4

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